Cracks for iPhone

Cracks is an application for making holes or cracks in your display. Make fun of your friends showing them how you recklessly “break” your display in front of them. Should be available on AppStore shortly.

Of course, it’s just pictures and sound effects!

Contains 12 different crack types. Cracks can be created simply by tapping. Double tap to remove any existing crack or shake your iPhone/ iPod to remove all cracks. Cracks can be dragged.

You can make screenshot of your iPhone/ iPod screen and load it into program for maximum effect. Go to springboard, hold Sleep/ Wake button (on the top) and press Home button. Screen flickers and screenshot is saved into your Photo library. Open Cracks application, click the small (i) button in the bottom right corner and press Custom background button.

When you’re done with cracking your display, it is possible to save the picture into your Photo Library.

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