Logging from iOS to logentries.com – II.

In the last article we showed how to report iOS app crashes to the logentries.com service.

Today, we’re going to demonstrate how to symbolicate those crash reports.

Providing you have the Xcode archive of your release, open the archive in Finder (using the Show Package Contents option) and copy the following files into some working directory (will assume . here):

  • dSYMs/[AppName].app.dSYM package
  • Products/Applications/[AppName].app bundle

Download the following script into . and chmod +x it.

Now, make sure that your crash report is downloaded in . as well.

To symbolicate the crash report, simply execute:

./ios-crashlog-symbolicatecrash.sh [AppName] [report.crash]

And that’s about it, folks!

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