openSuse 10.2 on Lenovo 3000 n100

Installing openSuse 10.2 on Lenovo 3000 n100.

When choosing installation type, it’s necessary to use “maxcpus=0” kernel parameter, otherwise kernel hangs – probably a bug (#231205, #227279).


Beware of Wifi hardware switch! When switched OFF, system hangs at boot-time when detecting WiFi card.

For correct 1280×800 display resolution (even after hibernate) set VIDEOBIOS_PATCH=”yes” and VIDEOBIOS_PARAMETERS=”5a 1280 800 32″ in /etc/sysconfig/videobios.

Sound card stopped working after every volume change. Adding “model=3stack” parameter helped. Volume up/down buttons ceased to work after keyboard layout change, didn’t try to solve it yet.

No problems with Ethernet or WiFi. There is no support for Web camera yet.


Firefox wasn’t able to resolve hostnames. Turning off IPv6 in Firefox (about:config, network.dns.disableIPv6=true) helped. Maybe it is just problem with our router.

Amarok cannot play mp3, you have to uninstall xine-lib and install it again from Packman repository. Everything works fine, then.


Enabling Eclipse’s Ctrl+F11 shortcut
Eclipse’s Ctrl+F11 shortcut (Run last launched) didn’t work in KDE because it is defined as KDE shortcut (Switch to Desktop 11). Removing this association helped.

Remapping PrtSc to Home and Pause to End:
1. Change following lines in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc:
key <PRSC> { [ Home ] };
key <SCLK> { [ Scroll_Lock ] };

2. Make following change in file /~/.kde/share/config/khotkeysrc:

Comment=Launches KSnapShot when PrintScrn is pressed.\n

2 Responses to “openSuse 10.2 on Lenovo 3000 n100”

  1. umardhana says:

    I have lenovo 3000 N100, iam new in using linux
    after installing open suse 10.2, it can’t there is so sound
    it can’t connect to the internet cause it can’t detect my wireless card
    can get some help step-by step to connect internet using wireless

  2. Lenze Davis says:

    I also have a problem, when I plug in my headphones, the speakers continue to output sound when I’m listening to something. Considering I’m on the train all the time, this is quite irritating.